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Collective tourism in Philippines

        Living in the scenic Philippines Club Mabuhay Dive Resor Hotel, sitting on the beach together with my colleagues, listening to the sound waves constantly beat towards the sea, sea breeze, watching the little lights on the distant islands, all small talk, live chat ; this time we are away from the hustle and bustle of the earth, heart to heart posted closer to the situation and the longer the financial situation.

Exotic, passionate and charming, intoxicating night of BEER BAR, DISICO; linger for MASSAGE; pull style jeepney.

Everyoneto catchfish, tobarbecue.Together toexplorethe mysteriousunderwaterworldofdeep-sea.

Although onlya short period ofseven days,butallarebeautiful andromanticof allthe memoriesprinted inpeople's hearts.Everyonefromstrangerstoclose,fromcolleaguestofriends, help each other, sincerenature,each one of usis likea different person, like, showing adifferentjobin anotherstate.